Merseytram Line 1

The second part of our journey on Line 1 takes us from Tuebrook to Stonebridge Lane and the East Lancs. Road...
Leaving Tuebrook behind us we continue along West Derby Road to this roundabout which forms the junction with Muirhead Avenue. The tram route will cut across the west (left) side of the island, with the Lisburn Lane stop immediately beyond.
Muirhead Avenue has a broad area of parkland between the carriageways and we run up the middle of it
We turn left to head north along Queens Drive, running along the central reservation, with the Larkhill stop about here just after the junction.
The Clubmoor stop will be just before this junction where we turn right, on to Townsend Avenue, again running in the central reservation. (Away from the camera.)
Running up the middle of Townsend Avenue we pass the junction with Broad Lane and ahead of us is the double-roundabout at Broadway, with the bridge carrying the Loop Line cycle track (formerly the CLC railway to Southport) passing over. The roundabouts are to be removed.
We pass under the bridge and head along Utting Avenue East. You can see the poles from the previous tram system all along this road. There will be a stop here, in the central reservation just to the left of where I was standing I think.
At the junction with Lewisham Road we pass Saint Theresa's. The Lewisham Road stop will be in the centre of the street, at the left of this picture.
The next main junction is where we cross the busy Lower House Lane. On the left beyond the lights you can see the Fire Station, and on the right the Western Approaches pub. In the central reservation just off the left of the picture was the terminus of the 14 tram route, where Lower House Lane stop will be.
The broad verges along Storrington Avenue mean there should be plenty of room for tram tracks, which will run along the centre with carriageways on either side.
Turn left onto Stonebridge Lane. Here the tram tracks will be off the road on the far side, with the Parkstile Lane stop here
The route will continue to the east of Stonebridge Lane to the Stonebridge Lane stop just before the junction with the East Lancs Road. Some demolition of property will be required, including the Stonebridge Inn. We will turn right at the lights onto the East Lancashire Road.
The description of Line 1 continues with Line One from East Lancs. Road to Kirkby

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