Merseytram Route Summaries

These routes are provisional at this stage, especially lines 2 and 3. More updates when I get them. Detailed illustrated route descriptions of some of the routes are available here.

City Centre Loop
The lines will share a city centre loop which starts from the Kings Waterfront and runs via Albert Dock to Wapping where it splits. One side of the loop runs along Paradise Street and Whitechapel to St Johns Lane and Lime Street, while the second side goes via the Pier Head and up Water Street and Dale Street to William Brown Street. The sides of the loop are connected at the bottom of London Road and also at the tunnel entrance.
The latest plans call for the second side of the loop to be deferred until a later stage of construction.

Line 1
From the central loop Line 1 will head out via London Road, past the Royal Liverpool Hospital and then via Moira Street and Brunswick Road to West Derby Road, then along Muirhead Avenue, Queens Drive, Townsend Avenue, Utting Avenue East, Storrington Avenue and Stonebridge Lane. It will run to Kirkby along the East Lancs Road and then Moorgate Road, County Road. The line will then turn down Webster Drive and along Cherryfield Drive to a terminus across the road from the existing bus station. The running time for Line 1 is expected to be about 40 minutes.

Line 2
Line 2 will leave the City Centre Loop on Lime Street, and run up Mount Pleasant and past the Catholic Cathedral. It will carry on along Oxford Street, Chatham Place and Picton Road and into the Wavertree Technology Park. There are two possibilities here, north and then along Edge Lane, or along the south edge of the Tech. Park to the railway station and then north on Rathbone Road. The route continues up Saint Oswald's Street to Old Swan and then along Prescot Road through Knotty Ash and Page Moss and all the way to the M57. Then into Prescot along Derby Street and West Street. Turning south, then east and finally south again on Warrington Road the terminus at Whiston Hospital is reached. The running time for Line 2 is expected to be 37 minutes.

Line Three
Line Three's proposed route runs down Smithdown Road and then divides. One leg runs to the airport via Allerton Road, Mather Avenue, Horrocks Avenue and Speke Road. The second leg of the route runs down Menlove Avenue, Hillfoot Road, Hillfoot Avenue, Woodend Avenue, Western Avenue and Hale Road, also ending at the airport. There are also proposals to extend this route to Widnes and then across the second Runcorn Bridge and into Runcorn.
An alternative option replaces the Allerton Road - Mather Avenue leg, using the existing railway route from Edge Hill to Allerton.

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