Merseytram Line 1

We continue our ride on Line 1, from the East Lancs. Road through to the terminus at Kirkby...
Having turned right at the lights at the end of Stonebridge Lane, we're heading east along the wide open spaces of the East Lancashire Road. The depot will be behind the old English Electric factory you can see on the left here, most of which which has been demolished since this picture was taken, and the tram tracks will be where the service road on the left is.
In front of the English Electric factory there were sidings where trams waited to carry the workers home from work. Some pieces of track still remain in the road surface. About where this picture was taken will be the junction for depot access, with a three-platformed stop behind the camera.
We carry on through the open spaces on the north side of the East Lancs Road.
The bridges carrying the M57 slip roads and the motorway itself over our route seem to have ample room for expansion.
Immediately after the motorway bridges we find more remains of the old tram system - the tracks which carried the 13, 19 and 29 routes on their way to Boundary Road, Kirkby are still visible here. The new route will also run across here - Perhaps needing a new bridge?
At the next traffic lights we turn left onto Moorgate Road. This has housing on the left side and various factories behind the blue fence on the right. The tram route will run along the grass area to the left of the picture, clear of the road.
Next, it's another left onto the bleak wastelands along County Road. The sculpture in the roundabout is called "reach". Our route will remain clear of the road on the south side (left) here, with Broad Lane stop just before the roundabout.
After the roundabout the trams will take over the southern carriageway. The County Road stop will be at the junction with Lykelake Close. At the junction with Webster Drive we will turn left.
The route runs in the grass on the right of this picture down Webster Drive.
Then a right along Cherryfield Drive, initially sharing the carriageway with other traffic.
Shortly after passing the end of Newtown Gardens the tracks will move to the left to run beside the road to a two-platform terminus across the road from the bus station, where this petrol station is located. The petrol station and the block containing the R.N.A. Club will be demolished, I think.

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Here's an aerial view of the route at the Kirkby end.