Merseytram Line 2

This part of the route runs from Longview on the north edge of Huyton to Prescot and on to Whiston Hospital.
From Longview the route continues along "Prescot Road", here called Liverpool Road, towards the M57 junction at Lyme Grove.
The junction consists of two roundabouts linked by this bridge over the motorway. I don't know which side of the motorway the proposed Park and Ride will be.
The route continues towards Prescot along Derby Street. There will be another stop near here, at the junction with Manchester Road.
The wide open spaces of Derby Street seem to have plenty of room for tram tracks.
The line continues up Derby Street until it bears right on to a new route somewhere beyond where this picture was taken, to cut through to the bus station. (The right turn from Derby Street on to Church Street would be too sharp, I'm told.)
A stop called Church Street will be somewhere on the right hand side of Prescot's compact bus station.
Leaving the bus station area the tracks turn right to head for Sewell Street.
Proceeding south along Sewell Street the trams will pass the Cables Retail Park. There will be a stop somewhere here.
Continuing south the route heads along Kingsway passing derelict industrial land, and surviving factories.
The junction of Kingsway and Bridge Road where trams will turn left, just before the railway bridge.
Along Bridge Road the route passes through the site of the Imperial pub on the left of this picture - It will be a shame to see such a friendly pub demolished. Prescot Station is on the right here, and there will be a stop for interchange with rail services on the Liverpool - St Helens - Wigan route.
Further along Bridge Road there is a Ford dealership behind the high fence on the right, and the junction with Warrington Road can be seen ahead, where the trams will turn right.
On Warrington Road the trams will run past residential properties.
Finally the traffic lights at the junction with Dragon Lane are reached. This junction will be substantially remodelled, and Warrington Road split into a dual carriageway with the tram tracks running in the central reservation to a terminus about 100 yds beyond the junction, immediately adjacent to Whiston Hospital.
In my opinion this is a regrettable change to the previously proposed terminal location on the right hand side here, as it requires patients and staff to cross half of a busy main road to get to the hospital.

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